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Planting & Growing Instructions

You can feel safe buying and planting Florissa’s vegetables

We do not sell any GMO vegetables

Looking for more info on how to plant flower bulbs, perennials, fruits or vegetables? You’ve arrived at the right place with planting instructions for bulbs, fruits, veggies and general fall or spring planting instructions. Download the PDFs below to get started. Print them for handy reference while out in the garden.

Planting Instructions

Amaryllis Bulbs Instructions English Français
Fall Forcing Bulbs Instructions English Français
Fall Planting Instructions English Français
Spring Planting Instructions English Français


Fall Flowering  Bulbs from Colchicum to Sternbergia! Planting Info
Spring Flowering  Bulbs from Allium to Tulips! Planting Info
Summer Flowering  Bulbs from Agapanthus to Zantedeschia! Planting Info


Butterfly & Hummingbird Perennials English
Deer Resistant Perennials English
Disease Resistant Perennials English
Drought Tolerant Perennials English
Late Summer Blooming Perennials English
Now & Forever  English
Perennial Common Names English
Perennial Planting Instructions English Français
Perennials for Aquatic Gardens English
Shade Loving Perennials English
Sun and Slug Hostas English
Sun Loving Perennials English


Asparagus English Français
Cherries English Français
Cherryberry English Français
Cranberry English Français
Garlic Varieties English Français
Goji English Français
Groundcover Raspberries English Français
Haskap Honeyberry English Français
Onion Varieties English Français
Organic Potato Varieties English Français
Potato Varieties English Français
Rhubarb English Français
Saskatoon Berry English Français
Small Fruit English Français
Strawberries English Français
Wasabi English Français

Remember: You can always Ask Florissa for extra advice and growing tips for your specific planting needs.

Be sure to check out the hardiness map to help determine if the bulbs you’re planting will do well in your area.