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2018 Weeks Roses

New Weeks Roses for 2018

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKzazou * PPAF – Rosie the Riveter pays tribute to the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. The old-fashioned flowers of orange-gold suffused with pink are surely reminiscent of that era. The exquisite pointy and shapely buds are proudly held on top of very glossy dark foliage as a feminine symbol of charm and strength. The moderate fruity & spice scent is the perfect complement to represent a famous women’s cultural icon. Like the tireless Rosies, the even rounded plants of Rosie the Riveter are the workhorse of the garden, producing an arsenal of flowers. Maximum flower power? Yes, we can do it!

Color: Orangey-gold suffused with pink & a gold reverse
Height / Habit: Medium / Rounded & bushy
Bloom / Size: Old-fashioned, double / medium, 3-3.5 inch diameter (30-45 petals)
Fragrance: Moderate fruit & spice with a hint of cinnamon
Zones: 6 – 9
Disease Resistant: Yes

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKcifrabaun * PPAF – As an emblematic artist of Mexico, world-acclaimed painter Frida Kahlo needs no further introduction. She once said “I paint flowers so they will not die.” Like the flowers she immortalized in her art, the rose Frida Kahlo® is a lively and colorful reminder of her enduring spirit. Just as Frida is one of the most recognizable artists for her unique style, the scarlet red and gold striped flowers of Frida Kahlo® are also one of a kind in the rose world. The swirl of colors intensifies as the flowers age adding a red blush as the final touch. Like any painting needs a good stand, the flowers are set in small clusters on a healthy disease resistant plant with clean glossy leaves. If you are one of Frida’s followers or simply a rose lover, join the Frida-mania by adding a piece of art to your garden with the striking vibrant rounded flowers produced abundantly on the compact upright vigorous plants.

Color: Scarlet red striped gold with red blush on finish
Height / Habit: Medium / Upright, bushy
Bloom / Size: Double / Medium-large, 3-4 in. diameter, in small clusters (25 to 40 petals)
Fragrance: Mildly fruity
Zones: 4 – 10
Disease Resistant: Yes

Top Gun

Top Gun - Weeks Roses



Arm your garden with the latest weapon on Rose Rosette & all major rose diseases along with beautiful color and outstanding performance & bloom production.

  • Superior Plant Genetics
  • Excellent ‘DISEASE RESISTANCE’ to other major rose diseases
  • Added resistance to Rose Rosette Disease
  • Outstanding plant performance
  • High performance bloom production
Color: Dark Red
Height / Habit: 3 x 4 ft.
Bloom / Size: Cluster of blooms / Medium
Fragrance: Fruity
Zones: 5 – 9
Disease Resistant: Yes, resistant to rose rosette disease

Parade Day

Parade Day - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKmeroro * PPAF * New for 2018 * Fragrant – Remember the excitement of lining up in the street as a child to see a parade? Well, we took care of bringing this joy into your garden with the rose Parade Day. The swirles of bright white and fuchsia pink bring to mind the movements of the floats. And don’t worry – the show will not be over soon as the flower color holds until the petals drop. Just as fond childhood memories include both sights and smells, Parade Day blooms profusely with elegant buds and flowers accompanied by a very strong citrus-like fragrance with just a hint of spice. The rhythm created is enhanced with attractive large foliage on a well-covered vigorous plant.

Color: Fuchsia pink striped with bright white.
Height / Habit: Medium-tall / Upright & bushy
Bloom / Size: Spiraled, formal & double / Medium-large, around 3-4.5 in. diameter (25 to 40 petals)
Fragrance: Strong citrus-like with hints of spice
Zones: 5 – 9
Disease Resistant: Yes

Easy Spirit

Easy Spirit - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKmereadoit * PPAF * New for 2018, Easy-To-Love® Collection – Experience the feeling of freedom that comes from the purity of the classy white large flowers with a cream base of Easy Spirit. The perfectly formed buds and flowers hold their beauty throughout the life of the flower, making them great for enjoyment as a bouquet. As a member of the tough as nailsEasy-To-Love® Collection, you know you can expect ‘NATURAL DISEASE RESISTANCE’. Across the USA, Easy Spirit has shown strong resilience to rose diseases. The upright compact plant with clean glossy green foliage is the ideal backdrop to the non-burning & long-lasting cream flowers.

Color: White with cream base
Height / Habit: Medium / Upright
Bloom / Size: Spiraled, formal & double / Large 3.5 – 4.5 in. diameter (30 to 40 petals)
Fragrance: Mild tea
Zones: 5 – 9
Disease Resistant: Yes

Lady In Red

Lady in Red - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKvaldoam * PPAF * New for 2018 – Care to dance? Cause ‘Lady in Red…she’s dancing with me’ .. with her long climbing arms. Don’t worry, she won’t invade your dancing space as the plant is well contained and more compact than many climbers. The lady was born and raised in the USA, with her flowers bearing the true classic AMERICAN red coloration. That means no hues of pink or blue all the way to the end of the flower’s life. The large ruffled old-fashioned blossoms will take your breath away and falling in love with this lady is the only possible outcome. Are you ready to dance the night away? You better be because the vigorous plant generates bounteous flowers just waiting for a dance partner.

Color: Dark red suffused with occassional black smoke
Height / Habit: Long canes of 8-10 feet / Climbing & spreading
Bloom / Size: Old-fashioned & very double / Large, ruffled, 3.5 – 4.5 in. diameter, in small clusters (35 to 50 petals)
Fragrance: Light tea
Zones: 4 – 10
Disease Resistant: Yes

Easy on the Eyes

Easy on the Eyes - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKswechy * PPAF * New for 2018, Easy-To-Love® Collection – Attractive? Good looking? All of those describe well the newest addition to the Easy-To-Love(r) Rose Collection. Decades of hybridizing to enlarge the magenta purple eye to its current size has resulted in an extremely novel color combo with the lavender pink flower coloration. The term floriferous falls short when talking about the number of flowers held in large clusters that you can barely see the DISEASE RESISTANT lovely clean dark green and glossy foliage. The moderate citrus-like & spices fragrance completes the seduction and guarantees a premium spot in the garden of whichever state you live in!

Color: Medium pink / magenta purple heart
Height / Habit: Medium / Rounded & Bushy
Bloom / Size: Semi-double, medium small in clusters (15 to 20 petals)
Fragrance: Moderate citrus-like & spices
Zones: 4 – 10
Disease Resistant: Yes

Hot & Sassy

Hot and Sassy - Weeks Roses

cv. WEKaltcingi * PPAF * New for 2018 – If Hot & Sassy could voice her opinion she wouldn’t be afraid to tell you just how marvellous she will be in your garden. You may accuse her of being insolent or impudent but we assure you it’s an energetic, lively and playful way. Try as you may, you can’t help but smile at her cocky bold display of un-modest floriforousness. Small in stature she may be, but with her clusters of smokey dark orange blooms and big yellow eyes full of mischief, you can’t help but love her. Flirty green foliage and a chic rounded habit add a touch of style to this spirited little lady.

Color: Smokey dark orange with a yellow eye, finishes silver-blue
Height / Habit: Medium / Rounded
Bloom / Size: Medium (15 to 20 petals)
Fragrance: Slight
Zones: 5 – 9
Disease Resistant: Yes