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Fundraiser Tips for Success

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The best part about being involved in fundraising is the satisfaction you gain from supporting a cause or group effort, and the success of achieving goals that benefit everyone. The community support that you receive along the way is pretty awesome too. That’s why Florissa pulled this list of tips together to help encourage your fundraiser’s success.


  1. Excitement easily catches on. Select enthusiastic and organized individuals as fundraising coordinators or contacts. Having two contacts ensures there is a back-up and that someone is always available to answer questions.
  2. Never run a fundraiser before? Check out Florissa’s Information Package. Everything from posters to kick-off and wrap-up letters are downloadable.
  3. Set clear beginning and closing dates for your fundraiser. Florissa recommends a 2-3 week period for energetic and motivated campaigns. Check the events calendar in your area to make sure your fundraiser doesn’t compete with other activities.
  4. Set an attainable goal for the group to achieve. Make sure that everyone knows that their individual efforts are appreciated and benefit everyone.
  5. Prepare a kick-off letter, describing the purpose of the fundraiser, the financial goal, sales potentials, and running time frame. (We have a sample to download.)
  6. Hold a kick-off meeting. Introduce the fundraising coordinators, review the selections in the brochure, and identify potential customers. Address safety issues, especially if children are involved. Check out Florissa’s safety tips here.
  7. Spread the word through social and local media. Send out a post that people can ‘like’ on facebook. Put up posters at the school, workplace, church community board, and local coffee shop.
  8. Hold a wrap-up meeting to collect all of the orders. Share the results of your fundraiser and celebrate success as a group. Set a date for customers to pick up their purchases. Enlist one or two volunteers to help with unpacking, sorting, and handing out orders.
  9. Use the worksheets to summarize and submit the master order at You’ll receive an order confirmation right away. Someone will contact to you to confirm payment and set up a delivery schedule. Be sure to schedule the product delivery date a few days before the customer’s pick-up date.
  10. When the product arrives, unpack and count the packages. Make sure that what you’ve received matches the amount submitted on the master order. If you encounter any differences, or have questions about the delivery, call 1-888-826-6667 or email Florissa.
  11. Pick each customer order into bags according to the master summary worksheet. Label the bag with a name and phone number so that it goes to the right customer. Include a wrap-up letter expressing gratitude. Thank customers for their support and share the results of the fundraiser. Finishing on a positive note will encourage participation and contribute towards the success of future fundraisers.
  12. Have volunteers and orders ready for distribution on the scheduled date. Enjoy meeting the people that supported your group.


Best of luck with all of your efforts!