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Fundraiser Safety Tips

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  • Always practice safety first and use common sense.


  • Parents should always be involved and accompany their children when participating in fundraising activities.


  • Never allow children to go out selling alone. This goes for tweens and teens too.


  • Avoid selling door to door. Make a list of approved family and friends, neighbours, and co-workers to contact.


  • Parents can help their kids by taking their order brochure to work.


  • Go out during the day and quit before it gets dark. Save phone calls and emails to family and friends for the evening hours.


  • Never carry large amounts of cash. Never allow children to carry large amounts of collected money. It should be turned over to a responsible adult.


  • Never give out personal information, such as phone numbers or email addresses.


  • Never enter anyone’s home.


  • Report any strange activity to adults and/or fundraising coordinators.


  • Be polite even if people say ‘No Thanks.’


  • Always say ‘Thank You’ to your supporters.


  • Always follow the instructions provided by your fundraising coordinators.