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Florissa’s Spring 2018 Fundraiser

Time for a Fiesta! Here’s a party invitation you don’t want to miss:

It’s a great time to sign up and participate in Florissa’s Spring 2018 Fundraiser. This spring’s selection brings together the best cut flower varieties that promise gorgeous summer bouquets and offer rich nectar sources for pollinators. There’s something to suit every taste in this offering, from juicy sweet fruit, to buttery fingerling potatoes and savory onions. Plant something for yourself, for the bees and butterflies, and enjoy the abundance of your garden.

Florissa’s Dahlia Cactus Mix delivers armloads of vibrant and spikey blooms continuously from summer through fall. Dahlias are easy to grow and especially inspiring for young gardeners. They’re the perfect confetti for your backyard bbq gathering, and the hummingbirds love to dart in and out among the blossoms for a sweet nectar drink.

Ultraviolet is the colour of the year, and our Pick me! Purple cut flower bag features the best purplicious shades to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Indoors in a vase, or just outside off the deck and patio, you’re sure to be impressed with the beauty of this mix.

Among our edibles, we’ve brought in Gourmet Banana Seed Potatoes. These easy to grow fingerlings have smooth yellow skin and flesh, as well as buttery taste. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, homegrown potatoes from your own garden. You know where your food is coming from and you’re doing something great for the environment. Our small fruits, vegetables, and plants provide reliable nectar sources for friendly pollinators. Plus you can feel safe buying and planting our selections as Florissa says NO to GMOs.

Sign up now through March to participate and earn up to 50% profits. Check out the spring program and learn more about fundraising with Florissa here.

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