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Welcome to Spring! The warming sun feels good, the trees and shrubs are budding, young and tender green shoots are poking up through the soil. A fresh new gardening season is before us. Are you thinking about all the things you want to do with your outdoor living spaces? This spring give yourself the opportunity [...]
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Living Coral in the Garden

Living Coral: Pantone Colour of 2019 ‘Living Coral’ is the ‘Colour of the Year’ from Pantone for 2019. Fashion and home furnishings are sure to be influenced by this energizing shade and a wonderful place to incorporate this gorgeous colour is in your garden. Vibrant yet mellow with golden undertones, ‘Living Coral’ is a shade [...]
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Heat and Drought Tolerant Perennials - Feature

Heat & Drought Tolerant Perennials

More and more, gardeners are becoming interested in heat and drought tolerant perennials, especially as we experience sizzling hot, dry weather across Canada. It makes good sense to choose plants appropriate for our landscape conditions and gardening regions, conserving resources and saving time and money. A period of drought can last a few days, weeks, [...]
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Frida Kahlo - Weeks Roses - Featured Image

Exceptional New Weeks Roses

When purchasing a rose for the garden, we’re often looking for a specific colour, form or shape, and fragrance of the blossom. Possibly we’re celebrating a commitment or relationship with someone special, and we’re drawn to the meaning or the spirit the rose represents. Whatever your reason for purchasing the perfect rose, you’re making an [...]
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Get Growing - Bare Root Perennials and Summer Flowering Bulbs

Get Growing! Bare Root Perennials and Summer Flowering Bulbs

Timing is everything when it comes to planting bare root perennials and summer flowering bulbs, and while it’s still too chilly to plant directly into the garden, you can get started with containers. Give yourself the opportunity to shop early for the best selection. Establishing young plants in containers helps you better control the growing [...]
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