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Container Gardens: Summer Flowering Bulbs

The tropical flair plus vibrant colours of summer flowering bulbs equals spectacular container gardens. Easy to plant, once they start growing - and blooming - they just won’t quit. They’ll enjoy the extra warmth of being in a container which enables them to put on a dazzling show. Best of all, they’ll perform through late [...]
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Spring Trends 2017: Flower Arrangements

Bringing spring flowers indoors is a beautiful way to make the season come alive and celebrate new life. Here are some of our favorite ideas to dress up your tabletop whether you’re working with fresh cut flowers or potted bulbs. Spring potted bulbs are popular and widely available. When purchasing narcissi look for flower buds [...]
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Starting Bare Root Perennials

Grab a garden trowel and an empty container, its bare root perennial season. Perennials are long-lived plants which die back in the fall, go dormant in the winter and return to grow each spring becoming flourishing summer plants. Bare root perennials are in their dormant phase with the soil removed. Once planted, they’ll wake up [...]
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Home and Urban Gardens: Gourmet Potatoes

Nothing satisfies the palate more than the flavor of new potatoes dug fresh from the garden. Check out these fabulous gourmet varieties that are ideal for the home and urban gardener. Whether you’re baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, frying or chipping, there’s a potato for every use in your kitchen. AmaRosa A mid-season fingerling with smooth [...]
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Deer Resistant: Summer Blooms

Deer can treat a garden like a buffet line in the summer, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow beautiful blooms. Check out these striking and unusual summer blooms that just happen to be deer resistant. They’ll look terrific on their own, or planted in combination. Eucomis ‘Pink’ – Pineapple Flower Stalks of burgundy [...]
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Start Growing Dahlias

Bringing fresh cut dahlias from the garden into the kitchen is a summer delight. Not only do you get to enjoy the vibrant beauty of the flowers - gathering and arranging them - but it’s satisfying to know that you grew them yourself. Dahlias are one of the easiest flowers to grow and incredibly rewarding. [...]
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Outstanding Perennials 2017

Each year, the Perennial Plant Association and American Hosta Growers showcase outstanding varieties to make it easy for us to choose the best plants for our gardens and landscaping projects. These varieties tolerate wide ranging climatic conditions and perform well across Canada’s major growing regions. These plants are low maintenance, relatively pest and disease resistant, [...]
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Tuberous Begonias: Best Flowers for Shade

Enhance the beauty of your shady spaces with blooms that thrive in low light. Tuberous begonias are an ideal choice, as their gorgeous flowers can last for weeks. Once the first buds appear, they bloom continuously from June right up to first frost. Don’t let their beauty deceive you. Begonias may look delicate, fragile, and [...]
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Spring 2017: New and Trending

Fresh cut flowers are for everyday enjoyment, especially at the peak of summer. It’s satisfying, not to mention relatively easy and fun to grow your own cut flower garden. Winter is an ideal time to create inspiration boards and choose your summer colour palette. Design bouquets and plan what you want to grow. Here are [...]
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Fundraising with Florissa – Spring 2017: Campfire Dance

Florissa Fundraisers have been helping people support the causes they believe in for over 20 years. Our NEW Spring 2017 program featuring Campfire Dance is sure to bring warmth to gardens and communities this summer. This easy to grow crocosmia blend of fiery orange, red and yellow star-shaped blooms is ideal for garden borders, beds, [...]
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