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Dwarf Iris Reticulata

Spring Awakenings

It’s still winter across much of Canada, but west coast gardeners are starting to see signs of spring as the earliest of blooms appear. Check out these pics that prove spring is on the way! Galanthus, Eranthis, and Iris Reticulata are hardy garden accents and stand up to ever-changing spring weather conditions. They’re better known [...]
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Juniperus squamata Blue Star - Cover

Annual or Perennial? Tree or Shrub?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between an annual and a perennial? A tree and a shrub? Sometimes the most basic questions are the hardest ones to ask, because it seems we should already know the answers. How do these different types of plants shape our gardens? How can we best use [...]
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Feed the Pollinators Blend - Cover

Spring 2018 True North Blends

It’s easy to be confident in your planting selections and fully enjoy your garden with Florissa’s True North Blends. Designed for Canadian gardeners, each blend showcases the finest quality flower bulbs and perennials. Hardy varieties that flourish and perform well across Canada’s major growing regions. This spring, Florissa’s True North Blends highlight long-flowering and fragrant [...]
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Flower Bulb Fundraiser - Spring 2018 - Post Cover

Florissa’s Spring 2018 Fundraiser

Time for a Fiesta! Here’s a party invitation that you don’t want to miss:  It’s a great time to sign up and participate in Florissa’s Spring 2018 Fundraiser. This spring’s selection brings together the best cut flower varieties that promise gorgeous summer bouquets and offer rich nectar sources for pollinators. There’s something to suit every [...]
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Amaryllis Ferrari Cut Arranged - Cover

Amaryllis Cut Flowers & Inspiration!

It’s tempting to think of cutting a stem of amaryllis flowers away from the bulb, oh but do you dare? Amaryllis, with their radiant beauty, standout no matter how you display them, and they make spectacular, long-lasting cut flowers. A single stem can last 2 weeks or more in a vase, perhaps longer than if [...]
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Hyacinth Mix Cover

Hyacinth is a Gift of Spring this Mid-Winter

Visiting someone over the holidays and don’t want to arrive empty handed? Don’t know what to bring? Florissa has the perfect gift idea that’s fun to give and receive – hyacinth on glass. Nothing could be more effortless than bringing a hyacinth into bloom indoors, and in mid-winter their lovely spicy and sweet scent hints [...]
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Narcissus Paperwhite - Ziva Cover

Holiday Giving: Paperwhites

Giving to others is one of the best pleasures of the holidays and living gifts that bloom indoors brighten up even the darkest days of winter. Forcing bulbs has become a seasonal tradition for many. Narcissus paperwhites are simple and thoughtful gifts, easy to give and grow. Their snow white brilliance and musky sweet fragrance [...]
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Hippeastrum Amaryllis Barbados

Amaryllis: Barbados for the Holidays

If you’re new to growing amaryllis let Barbados inspire you. No, I’m not talking about the Caribbean Island, but the perfect winter pick me up. A NEW and simply beautiful amaryllis, Barbados bursts forth with magnificently deep velvety red blooms. Each petal has a clear white center stripe emerging from the flower’s chartreuse throat, creating [...]
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Wax Amaryllis - Cover

‘Tis the Season for Waxed Amaryllis

Deck the halls this season with the bulb that’s always ready to grow and sure to sparkle - waxed amaryllis. Blooming in only 4-6 weeks, each bulb produces 2-3 consecutive stems of stunning fiery red trumpet shaped flowers. Everything the bulb needs is within the wax coating, so there is no need to plant it [...]
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