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Florissa’s Flower Blog

Fall 2018: Deer Resistant Bulbs

Signs of deer nipping at tender plants in the garden can tug at the heartstrings. It can also inspire gardeners to plant for deer resistance as well as beauty. Deer naturally avoid what they find distasteful and Florissa offers the best selection of deer resistant bulbs. Check out this Fall’s NEW deer resistant varieties – [...]

Time to Plant Garlic

Fresh, firm, plump and juicy, homegrown garlic is one of the most rewarding crops and it’s easy to grow. Just follow these simple steps for fall planting and next spring, when you see garlic sprouts pushing up through the soil you’ll know that you’ve got a jump start on a gourmet harvest. When Garlic is [...]

Hyacinths: Spring is in the Air

Ever watch a hyacinth come into bloom? Each floret, held close to the main stalk, unfolds one by one taking on colour, until the many flowers become one delightful floral stem. Just a hint of their intoxicating sweet fragrance lets you know that spring’s in the air. Hyacinths originate from a highly fragrant, wild blue [...]

Fundraising Just Got Way Easier …

Florissa Fundraisers have been helping people support the causes they believe in for over 20 years, and we’re excited to announce we’re taking our fundraising programs online. With our new web-based fundraising platform you can say goodbye to paper brochures, money handling, and master order forms. We build each fundraising group their own mini “shoppable” [...]

Spring Flowering & Pollinator Friendly Bulbs

Support pollinators next spring by planting ‘Feed the Pollinators’ collections this fall. Florissa’s introduction of two new special collections offer a spring season’s worth of blooms to boost the nectar rich food sources for pollinators while enhancing the beauty of your garden. In early to mid-spring, from the moment they awaken, pollinators are foraging for [...]

New for Fall 2018 – Florissa’s Choice

COMING SOON to a local garden centre near you! Check out these Fall 2018 Attractions! It’s never too early to start planning your spring garden, especially when Florissa makes it easy with the introduction of these spectacular new Colourful Companions. Leave the guesswork behind, Colourful Companions combine varieties that are complimentary in colour, height, and [...]

Garlic Harvest: Lift, Cure, & Store

The garlic cloves you planted last fall have grown into plants three to four feet tall and the leaves on the stalk are beginning to brown. Wondering what to do next? Read on, our tips will help you store up a great garlic harvest! Above ground, each leaf on a garlic plant is counted as [...]

Heat & Drought Tolerant Perennials

More and more, gardeners are becoming interested in heat and drought tolerant perennials, especially as we experience sizzling hot, dry weather across Canada. It makes good sense to choose plants appropriate for our landscape conditions and gardening regions, conserving resources and saving time and money. A period of drought can last a few days, weeks, [...]

Tips for Digging Potatoes

Growing potatoes for the first time? Wondering when is it time to dig them up? The answer may depend on whether you’re growing potatoes to enjoy with a summer meal or for long term winter storage. Here are our tips for digging potatoes. New potatoes are intentionally harvested early for their smaller size and tender [...]

Purple and Blue Potatoes

Fun and exciting on your plate, vibrant purple and blue potatoes are more nutritionally beneficial than other potatoes regularly consumed. Loaded with anthocyanins and carotenoids, they offer as many anti-oxidants as found in spinach or kale. High in carbs, low in fat, these potatoes also have a moderate amount of dietary fiber. Their skins are [...]

Summer Bulbs at Their Best

Glorious summer flowering bulbs, they are so easy to grow and have beautiful blooms. Several varieties like Dahlias and Nerines will start flowering come August and September. Caring for your summer flowering bulbs at just the right time keeps the plants blooming and looking their best. Here are a few simple tips to help you [...]

Canada Day 151: Hardy Shrubs

Canada Day is the perfect occasion to gather with family and friends, and the number one activity across the country is enjoying a BBQ in the backyard. Our gardens are very much a part of our lives and the day’s celebrations. While you’re grilling up the great Canadian burger, why not plant some hardy shrubs [...]

Dog Friendly Ornamental Grasses

Most dogs enjoy dog friendly pathways around and through the yard. If you watch them, you’ll notice they take the same routes frequently. Your dog might already have a well-worn path along a fence line where it seems nothing can grow. Don’t try to change your dog or their course. Instead, let their path become [...]

Garlic Scapes: A Culinary Treasure

Ever notice the curly pig tailed shaped stem that tops hard neck garlic plants? It’s called a scape, and it appears about a month or so before it’s time to harvest those robust bulbs below. Garlic scapes are soft, lime green, leafless and at the end of each of them is a tightly closed flower [...]

Berries à la mode

What’s the difference between a Tayberry and Loganberry? What’s an Olallieberry? If you’ve always wondered but never sampled one, read on, this post is for your dish of ice cream. This is the best homemade jam and shortcake of your summer. These berries aren’t widely available at the grocery store, but they’re worth growing in [...]

Berries and Cross-Pollination

Wanting to grow your own small fruit that is good for you and the whole family? It’s satisfying to pick a bowl of fresh blueberries and raspberries that you grew yourself. When choosing small fruit plants for your home garden, seek out the varieties best suited to your growing region, plants that will be productive, [...]

Feeding the Pollinators

Pollinators carry and move pollen among flowers, and visits by multiple pollinators results in successful pollination, which means lots of healthy fruit and vegetables from the garden. We love pollination and pollinators. Without them, our gardens and crops wouldn’t be as abundant. Did you know that 75% of all flowering plants rely on over 200,000 [...]

Tulips Across Canada

It’s tulip season and time to tip-toe through them! Florissa shares her favorite destinations across Canada just in time for Mother’s Day. Find your place in the sun and enjoy these gorgeous flowers showing off all their vivid colour in high bloom. Whether you live on the west coast, in the prairies, or on eastern [...]

Perennial Plant Companions for Roses

Companion planting is regularly practiced in the veggie garden with plants that assist each other in growing well. Tomato plants, for example, enjoy the warmth of the sun, while carrots enjoy growing in the cool soil of their shade and develop exceptional flavour. What if you knew that you could grow healthier roses with perennial [...]

David Austin Roses for Mother’s Day

Roses are one of the most popular and top-selling flowers for Mother’s Day. A beautiful bouquet of roses acknowledges the enduring bond and unconditional love we share with our mother. This year give her an extra special and lasting bouquet. Give her David Austin Roses growing in a container. It’s a living gift with gorgeous, [...]

Exceptional New Weeks Roses

When purchasing a rose for the garden, we’re often looking for a specific colour, form or shape, and fragrance of the blossom. Possibly we’re celebrating a commitment or relationship with someone special, and we’re drawn to the meaning or the spirit the rose represents. Whatever your reason for purchasing the perfect rose, you’re making an [...]

Get Growing! Bare Root Perennials and Summer Flowering Bulbs

Timing is everything when it comes to planting bare root perennials and summer flowering bulbs, and while it’s still too chilly to plant directly into the garden, you can get started with containers. Give yourself the opportunity to shop early for the best selection. Establishing young plants in containers helps you better control the growing [...]

Five Fabulous Dahlias

Dahlias are one of the most rewarding and spectacular garden flowers. Their summer brilliance flourishes right up to the fall’s frost. If you cut flowers for bouquets, the more profusely they’ll bloom. Dahlias display a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes from teacup to dinnerplate. Did you know there are over 20,000 different varieties [...]

Living Easter Arrangements

This Easter, plant up a gorgeous table centerpiece with ready-potted bulbs in fresh radiant spring colours. Living arrangements are easy and fun to put together with widely available spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, and muscari. These living Easter arrangements will create a feeling of spring indoors, even if the sun isn’t shining, [...]

Welcome Spring!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – it’s the first day of spring! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for gardeners. Officially, winter is over, and though it may not look or feel like spring in your area, it’s on the way no matter what the local weather report [...]

Plant a Flower Day – March 12th

Looking forward to Spring? It’s just around the corner, but why wait? Today is National Plant a Flower Day. Even if your garden is still snowbound, you can get a jump start by planting bulbs in pots. Calla Lilies, Cannas, Gladiolus, Oriental Lilies, even Dahlias can be started in containers. By the time the snow [...]

Florissa’s New Look

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to introduce Florissa’s fresh, modern, and engaging new look. We’re celebrating over 90 years of offering the finest top quality flowering bulbs and perennials. So before heading to your nearest garden centre this spring, check out our new packaging too - it’s larger and [...]

New for Spring 2018

Florissa’s Choice: Starlight-Starbright Watch the stars come out this summer with Florissa’s Choice for Spring 2018, ‘Starlight-Starbright.’ This Colourful Companion blend of oriental lilies features blooms up to 20 cm (8”) across in soft shades of pink, yellow and white. Blooms so large and luminous they’ll light up the beauty of your garden as dusk [...]

Spring Awakenings

It’s still winter across much of Canada, but west coast gardeners are starting to see signs of spring as the earliest of blooms appear. Check out these pics that prove spring is on the way! Galanthus, Eranthis, and Iris Reticulata are hardy garden accents and stand up to ever-changing spring weather conditions. They’re better known [...]

Annual or Perennial? Tree or Shrub?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between an annual and a perennial? A tree and a shrub? Sometimes the most basic questions are the hardest ones to ask, because it seems we should already know the answers. How do these different types of plants shape our gardens? How can we best use [...]

Spring 2018 True North Blends

It’s easy to be confident in your planting selections and fully enjoy your garden with Florissa’s True North Blends. Designed for Canadian gardeners, each blend showcases the finest quality flower bulbs and perennials. Hardy varieties that flourish and perform well across Canada’s major growing regions. This spring, Florissa’s True North Blends highlight long-flowering and fragrant [...]

Florissa’s Spring 2018 Fundraiser

Time for a Fiesta! Here’s a party invitation that you don’t want to miss:  It’s a great time to sign up and participate in Florissa’s Spring 2018 Fundraiser. This spring’s selection brings together the best cut flower varieties that promise gorgeous summer bouquets and offer rich nectar sources for pollinators. There’s something to suit every [...]

Amaryllis Cut Flowers & Inspiration!

It’s tempting to think of cutting a stem of amaryllis flowers away from the bulb, oh but do you dare? Amaryllis, with their radiant beauty, standout no matter how you display them, and they make spectacular, long-lasting cut flowers. A single stem can last 2 weeks or more in a vase, perhaps longer than if [...]

8 Frequently Asked Questions for Your Holiday Flowering Amaryllis

Amaryllis blooms are so breath-taking, who knew they also would be so easy and rewarding to grow?  If you’re picking up one of the softball sized bulbs at your local garden centre and holding it in your hands, wondering, asking - should I?  Well, the answer is definite - Yes, you should! We answer the [...]

Hyacinth is a Gift of Spring this Mid-Winter

Visiting someone over the holidays and don’t want to arrive empty handed? Don’t know what to bring? Florissa has the perfect gift idea that’s fun to give and receive – hyacinth on glass. Nothing could be more effortless than bringing a hyacinth into bloom indoors, and in mid-winter their lovely spicy and sweet scent hints [...]

Holiday Giving: Paperwhites

Giving to others is one of the best pleasures of the holidays and living gifts that bloom indoors brighten up even the darkest days of winter. Forcing bulbs has become a seasonal tradition for many. Narcissus paperwhites are simple and thoughtful gifts, easy to give and grow. Their snow white brilliance and musky sweet fragrance [...]

Amaryllis: Barbados for the Holidays

If you’re new to growing amaryllis let Barbados inspire you. No, I’m not talking about the Caribbean Island, but the perfect winter pick me up. A NEW and simply beautiful amaryllis, Barbados bursts forth with magnificently deep velvety red blooms. Each petal has a clear white center stripe emerging from the flower’s chartreuse throat, creating [...]

‘Tis the Season for Waxed Amaryllis

Deck the halls this season with the bulb that’s always ready to grow and sure to sparkle - waxed amaryllis. Blooming in only 4-6 weeks, each bulb produces 2-3 consecutive stems of stunning fiery red trumpet shaped flowers. Everything the bulb needs is within the wax coating, so there is no need to plant it [...]

Fall Garden Chores: Dig & Store

Autumn’s dazzling colour show is at its peak and we’re busy raking leaves and putting the garden to bed. If you’re following a to-do list, remember to dig and store tender summer bulbs. With the first light frosts, yellowing and withering foliage is a sign that it’s time to lift corms, tubers, and rhizomes, or [...]

Unusual and Wonderful Pollinator Bulbs

Accent the garden and create a nectar rich haven for the bees and other pollinators with these unusual and wonderful spring flowering bulbs. Oh, there’s nothing more satisfying or relaxing than watching bees draw to and land among the blooms. The World of Pollinator Bulbs... Ipheion ‘White Star’ – Spring Starflower The snow white star-shaped [...]

Daffodil Delights: Trumpets of Spring

Bright, sunny, cheerful – spring just wouldn’t be the same without daffodils. Canadian gardeners love these easy-growing flower bulbs. Jubilant in dappled shade or sunshine. Leave daffodil bulbs in the ground and they will increase in size and number, returning to bloom for many years to come. Rich rewards for planting them just once. They [...]

Looking for a Tulip?

It’s the first day of fall and a great reminder that spring is only six months away. Why not celebrate and go shopping for your favorite spring flowering bulb? Tulips are the most desired and inspire gardeners like no other flower with so many forms and colour variations, not to mention heights and blooming times. [...]

Canadian Gardening: True North Blends for Fall 2017

Designed with Canadian climates and gardeners in mind, Florissa’s True North Blends inspire a beautiful spring. Whether you’re planting bulbs for the first time or you’re more seasoned with your Canadian gardening, True North Blends showcase the finest spring flowering bulbs.  Each collection combines varieties that are especially complimentary in colour and height, that bloom [...]

New for Fall 2017: Deer Resistant Bulbs

Enjoy a beautiful spring even if deer are a common sight in your garden. Many spring flowering bulbs are deer resistant, as well as naturalizing, so they’ll flourish for years to come. That’s a tremendous amount of payback for the little effort of planting bulbs just once! Florissa’s extensive collection of deer resistant flowering bulbs [...]

Florissa’s Choice for Fall 2017: Spring Cheer (for a spring garden!)

As late summer turns towards fall’s glorious colour, the time to plant spring flowering bulbs arrives. It’s never too early to plan your spring garden, especially when Florissa makes it easy with the introduction of these spectacular new Colourful Companions. Spring Cheer We’re all longing for colour at winter’s end, and Spring Cheer blooms in [...]

Goodness! A Taste of Summer Berry Harvest

Taste summer berries in a fresh picked handful of perfectly ripe, plump and tasty sweet blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Berries are in season now, and whether you’re in your own berry patch or at a local u-pick, they’re hard to resist, so go on and try a few. What are you going to do with [...]

Summer Harvesting Garlic

When is it time to begin harvesting garlic? You planted the cloves last fall; they overwintered in the ground and started growing in the spring. It’s now mid-summer and the plants are 3-4 ft. tall. When the bulb you’re after is underground and you can’t see it, how can you tell when it’s ready to [...]

Clematis: Queen of the Vines

Flowering clematis always reminds me of cascading waterfalls - their stunningly gorgeous blooms seem to tumble from the vine. Reigning over all others in the garden, perhaps it is the reason clematis are known as ‘Queen of the Vines.’ Several hundred species exist with diverse blooms in rich hues – from dainty nodding bells to [...]

Canada Celebrates 150!

Red and White Perennials Enjoying your garden with family and friends is a wonderful way to spend Canada Day. Make it a summer to remember and plant a few perennials that will flourish for years of enjoyment. Florissa recommends these beautiful bold red and sparkling white combinations. Astilbe Astilbe enhance our shady spaces and woodland [...]

Summer 2017: Small Fruit in the Border

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.” W.E. Johns Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and currants are crossing over from the veggie patch and establishing their rightful place in the mixed border. If you have room for a perennial garden, you can combine fruiting plants with decorative ones to create [...]

Flowering Spring Bulbs: Aftercare

Spring flowering bulbs awaken us to a new season of gardening, but as the tulips and narcissus begin to fade – gardeners wonder what to do with the bulbs. Leave them in the ground? Dig them up? Here’s what you need to know to give your bulbs the little TLC they need to bloom and [...]

Hostas: Sun Tolerant and Slug Resistant

Hostas entice gardeners with their beautiful sumptuous foliage in wide ranging color patterns, leaf textures, as well as varied shapes and sizes.  Oh, there are so many hostas and too little time to explore them all, but check out these top performers that enjoy the sun and resist the slugs. Are there truly sun tolerant [...]

New Perennials 2017

"What’s a perennial? Why should I grow them?" Beginning gardeners often ask these questions. Starting out, I grew annuals in containers on my apartment balcony. They bloomed all summer, went to seed in the fall and died before the onset of winter. I replaced them each spring and it was easy. Then I moved to [...]

A Summer of Lilies

Everything a gardener desires can be found in a lily. They’re easy to plant, grow, and maintain; thriving in full sun and well-draining soils and they are hardy. Their exotic blooms are alluring, graceful and elegant, sometimes beautifully fragrant. Lilies even flower in sequence throughout the summer. So, go on - gift yourself with a [...]

Summer Cut Flowers: Gladiolus

Gladiolus are one of the most dramatic yet sophisticated summer cut flowers. They take center stage when placed in a large vase, engaging an entire room with orchid-like blooms opening along sword-like stems. They’re available in many gorgeous colors, some also have fringed or ruffled edges. You can buy stems from grocery stores as a [...]

New & Favorite Roses for 2017

Shopping for a new rose to plant in your garden? Consider one of these stunning, fragrant beauties. You won’t be able to walk by them without stopping to admire their blooms. All My LovingTM, Weeks Roses Just like the song by The Beatles, this beautiful and flawless deep cerise pink rose will become a number [...]

Container Gardens: Summer Flowering Bulbs

The tropical flair plus vibrant colours of summer flowering bulbs equals spectacular container gardens. Easy to plant, once they start growing - and blooming - they just won’t quit. They’ll enjoy the extra warmth of being in a container which enables them to put on a dazzling show. Best of all, they’ll perform through late [...]

Spring Trends 2017: Flower Arrangements

Bringing spring flowers indoors is a beautiful way to make the season come alive and celebrate new life. Here are some of our favorite ideas to dress up your tabletop whether you’re working with fresh cut flowers or potted bulbs. Spring potted bulbs are popular and widely available. When purchasing narcissi look for flower buds [...]

Starting Bare Root Perennials

Grab a garden trowel and an empty container, its bare root perennial season. Perennials are long-lived plants which die back in the fall, go dormant in the winter and return to grow each spring becoming flourishing summer plants. Bare root perennials are in their dormant phase with the soil removed. Once planted, they’ll wake up [...]

Home and Urban Gardens: Gourmet Potatoes

Nothing satisfies the palate more than the flavor of new potatoes dug fresh from the garden. Check out these fabulous gourmet varieties that are ideal for the home and urban gardener. Whether you’re baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, frying or chipping, there’s a potato for every use in your kitchen. AmaRosa A mid-season fingerling with smooth [...]

Deer Resistant: Summer Blooms

Deer can treat a garden like a buffet line in the summer, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow beautiful blooms. Check out these striking and unusual summer blooms that just happen to be deer resistant. They’ll look terrific on their own, or planted in combination. Eucomis ‘Pink’ – Pineapple Flower Stalks of burgundy [...]

Start Growing Dahlias

Bringing fresh cut dahlias from the garden into the kitchen is a summer delight. Not only do you get to enjoy the vibrant beauty of the flowers - gathering and arranging them - but it’s satisfying to know that you grew them yourself. Dahlias are one of the easiest flowers to grow and incredibly rewarding. [...]

Outstanding Perennials 2017

Each year, the Perennial Plant Association and American Hosta Growers showcase outstanding varieties to make it easy for us to choose the best plants for our gardens and landscaping projects. These varieties tolerate wide ranging climatic conditions and perform well across Canada’s major growing regions. These plants are low maintenance, relatively pest and disease resistant, [...]

Tuberous Begonias: Best Flowers for Shade

Enhance the beauty of your shady spaces with blooms that thrive in low light. Tuberous begonias are an ideal choice, as their gorgeous flowers can last for weeks. Once the first buds appear, they bloom continuously from June right up to first frost. Don’t let their beauty deceive you. Begonias may look delicate, fragile, and [...]

Spring 2017: New and Trending

Fresh cut flowers are for everyday enjoyment, especially at the peak of summer. It’s satisfying, not to mention relatively easy and fun to grow your own cut flower garden. Winter is an ideal time to create inspiration boards and choose your summer colour palette. Design bouquets and plan what you want to grow. Here are [...]

Fundraising with Florissa – Spring 2017: Campfire Dance

Florissa Fundraisers have been helping people support the causes they believe in for over 20 years. Our NEW Spring 2017 program featuring Campfire Dance is sure to bring warmth to gardens and communities this summer. This easy to grow crocosmia blend of fiery orange, red and yellow star-shaped blooms is ideal for garden borders, beds, [...]

Canadian Celebration 2017: An Unforgettable Flower Show

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday this summer by growing an unforgettable flower show.  Florissa’s Canadian Celebration (Fire and Ice) Dahlia promises continuous flowers July through October. It’s a gorgeous and vibrant semi-double dahlia with true red and white petals surrounding a striking golden yellow centre that lends a friendly daisy-like appearance. Simply fun and eye-catching, this [...]

Gourmet Mushroom Kits

Imagine picking fresh oyster or shiitake mushrooms right in your own kitchen. Mushrooms that you grew yourself, that were always on hand, with gourmet taste. Try a mushroom grow kit. You’ll soon discover how easy it is to grow your own indoor gourmet mushroom patch. It’s simple. Open the cellophane window in the mushroom kit [...]

Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs: Decorating for the Holidays

The holidays are best kept simple. Slow down, don’t rush, and don’t over extend yourself. It seems like easy advice to follow, but there’s always plenty to do and we’re short on time before we’ve even started our shopping. So pick up waxed amaryllis bulbs, the kind that has been dipped in red, bronze, silver [...]

Anticipate Spring Flowers This Winter by Forcing Bulbs

Create your own showing of spring flowers by forcing bulbs to bloom indoors. Pots of sunny Tête à Tête Narcissi and Muscari are easy to force and come midwinter, you’ll welcome the brilliant colour and exquisite fragrance. These hardy flowers bloom only after forcing bulbs, receiving a cold treatment that simulates winter. If you want [...]

Pretty Paperwhite Flowers

It’s always nice to have greenery and living bouquets around the house during the holidays, and pretty paperwhite flowers are incredibly easy to grow. Sparkling flowers as white as snow make for a gorgeous, sweet-smelling bouquet just 4-6 weeks from planting. One decorative way to grow them is in containers without drainage holes among river [...]

Forcing Tulips: Midwinter Beauty

It’s too late in the season to plant bulbs into the garden, but it’s not too late to be forcing tulips into midwinter blooms. Tulips blooming on a windowsill against a gray winter day in February offers the promise of spring and is guaranteed to warm hearts. It’s too late in the season to plant [...]

Santa’s Little Garden Helpers

Santa’s Little Indoor Garden Helpers are back this season, and in the nick of time to bring festive Amaryllis into bloom for the holidays. These specially cultivated Amaryllis bulbs bloom in 4 to 6 weeks from planting. Pot them up with a third of the bulb sitting above the surface and water the soil. You [...]

Effortless Indoor Hyacinths

Hyacinths are the fragrant symbols of spring that uplift our hearts and senses especially in the middle of a cold and gray winter. Anyone who loves flowers can grow them indoors. They require minimal effort and time on your part. All you need is a forcing vase, water, and a hyacinth bulb. Look for prepared [...]

Holiday Indulgence

It’s time to indulge – oh yes, the holidays are upon us and waxed amaryllis are available at your favorite local garden center.  This is indulgence of the best kind, because an Amaryllis is elegant enough standing all its own, but one just isn’t enough, is it? You can have all the fun of decorating [...]

Daylight Savings in the Garden

Time to Plant Bulbs! The clocks are turning back on Sunday, November 6th, and I’m sure most people are planning to sleep through their extra hour. But there’s a saying, “The early bird gets the worm,” and that means rewards come to those who put in the effort. It’s an extra hour of precious time, [...]

Time to Dig & Store

That first frost always sneaks up on me, I’m never ready for it, but it’s the signal that it’s time to make plans for those tender summer bulbs. Begonias, Callas, Cannas, Dahlias and Gladiolus, to name a few. I always have garden beauties that I want to save and they’re worth the investment of a [...]

Tiny Gems

If you love to see your garden waking up with the earliest of spring blooms, there’s still time to plant these tiny gems before winter arrives. They’ll sparkle planted on their own or in combination, and easily naturalize, giving more delight each spring. Deer resistant and low maintenance: there’s no weeding, no waiting for the [...]

Garlic Week! Gourmet Sampler With Russian Red Garlic & More

Growing garlic for the first time? Wondering which variety to plant? It’s always fun to try something new in the garden, especially garlic! You can taste-test it in so many dishes, breads, spreads and dressings. Check out this sampling of gourmet garlic varieties, Russian Red Garlic, Metechi Garlic, and Spanish Roja Garlic, best suited for [...]

Garlic Week! How to Plant Garlic

It’s easy to grow garlic, and once you do, you’ll always have a place for it in your garden. Homegrown garlic is fresh, firm, plump, juicy, and more flavourful than garlic bought from the grocery store. If you’ve never tried growing your own, follow these simple steps for planting and you’ll be well on your [...]

Naturally Deer Resistant

Problems with Deer? You’re not alone. Across Canada, the number one gardening issue is four legged and able to clear fences eight feet high. Spring can be especially challenging because deer have an appetite for the tender greens and beautiful blooms we adore. The best strategy is to plant varieties that deer naturally avoid. There’s [...]

Fragrant Spring Moments

Every spring I tell myself I want more fragrance in my garden. I want more of those moments when the perfume of hyacinths and daffodils floats on the air and surrounds me. No matter what I’m doing, I stop to breathe it all in and enjoy the beauty. Do you want more of those moments [...]

Tulip Beauty – Fall 2016

Tulips are among the most adored and celebrated flowers around the world. They have an incredible range of shapes, heights, colours, and blooming times so that you can extend their season and enjoy them throughout spring. Check out these gorgeous new varieties and reserve a spot for them in your garden beds, borders, and containers. [...]

Florissa’s Choice – Top Picks for Fall 2016

Fall bulbs promise a beautiful spring and it’s time to plant them now.  Here are some wonderful new varieties to tuck into the earth this season and anticipate all through the winter. Florissa’s Choice: Joyful Hearts Surround yourself with the beauty of Joyful Hearts. This Colourful Companion features a duet of double early tulips in [...]

Canadian Eh!

Fundraising Fall 2016 Our NEW Fall Fundraising Program showcases a proud and beautiful combination of classic red and white tulips sure to raise spirits next spring as Canada celebrates its 150th Birthday. Colourful Companion Canadian Eh! is perfect for planting in containers and mixed borders. We’ve also designed a fairy garden container featuring Tulip Red [...]

Tulip Canadian Celebration

Bulbs Are Here!  It’s not too early to start thinking about your spring garden as fall bulbs are just beginning to arrive at your local garden centre. This upcoming season is special too, because Canada celebrates its 150th Birthday in 2017. It’s time to show our pride for this beautiful, generous, and kind nation of [...]

Garlic Scapes: A Culinary Treasure

Ever notice the curly pig tailed shaped stem that tops hard neck garlic plants? It’s called a scape, and it appears about a month or so before it’s time to harvest those robust bulbs below. Scapes are soft, lime green, leafless and at the end of each of them is a tightly closed flower bud. [...]

Growing Bee Friendly

With summer’s arrival it’s a great time to celebrate our pollinators. Honeybees, and especially wild native bees, need our continued support as they struggle to overcome habitat loss, climate change, disease, and exposure to toxins in the environment. Did you know that there are over 855 species of wild native bees in Canada? Bumble bees, [...]

Bulbs4Kids & Florissa

Hey teachers, let’s get into the garden and start planting! Florissa is partnering with Bulbs4Kids to introduce an exceptional teaching program to Canada. Bulbs4Kids is an internationally successful campaign that began in Europe with the goal of getting kids to connect with natural environments through hands-on, fun activities. Planting spring flowering bulbs gets kids outside [...]

Successful Container Roses

Surround yourself with the beauty and fragrance of roses even if your gardening space is limited. Roses can be grown in containers, and David Austin English Roses with their bushy habits and long blooming season look especially attractive when grown this way. Enjoy them up close on decks and balconies, patios and terraces, at front [...]

Olivia Rose Austin, What Makes This Rose So Spectacular?

Award-winning David Austin English Roses enhance gardens with their superb fragrance, the delicate charm and beauty of their blooms. Being so easy to grow – reliable and vigorous – these plants become magnificent shrubs and climbers. These roses go through a rigorous breeding program where each variety is reviewed over an 8-9 year period. David [...]

Rhubarb – Easy to Grow Super Food

The first taste of summer? For me, it’s the sweet and tartness of fresh picked rhubarb. One of nature’s super foods, a stalk of rhubarb is 95% percent water, but just one cup contains 16% of your daily vitamin C intake. It’s also high in vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. The bright red [...]

Hosta of the Year 2016 – ‘Curly Fries’

Hosta Curly Fries: A small shade perennial with very narrow and extremely rippled leaves. It has lavender flowers, grows only about 6-inches tall, but increases in width every year. credit pernnial resource Salad or fries? These days I’m inclined to have the fries – Hosta ‘Curly Fries’ that is! Hosta Curly Fries is dwarf sized, [...]

Daffodil Days

If daffodils aren’t blooming in your area, they soon will be. And while the weather may be windy, wet and cold outside, you can bring the sunshine indoors with a fresh cut daffodil bouquet. Here are a few simple tips to help your bouquets last longer and stay looking gorgeous. Picking daffodils right from the [...]

2016 Perennial Plant of the Year™: Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’

Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ has been decorating cottage gardens and borders since 1858, and continues to be the most sought after and widely popular white anemone. Treasured as a garden classic, that’s just one reason why the Perennial Plant Association selected it as their plant of the year. Commonly known as Windflowers, Japanese Anemones are easy [...]

Florissa’s Choice: Dahlia Myrtle’s Folly

This summer put Dinnerplate Dahlia Myrtle’s Folly at the top of your ‘must-have’ list. You’ll be impressed with the ever-changing variations in these gorgeous blooms. Myrtle’s Folly opens up with beautiful raspberry buds to reveal blooms of hot pink with orange, pink, and yellow hues. Zany petals twist and turn, splitting slightly at the tips. [...]

Gloxinia Outdoors

Gloxinia shine on the deck or patio at the height of summer. Set them as the table centerpiece at a barbeque or garden party and you’ll receive many compliments. This distant relative of the African Violet has large velvety leaves, but their abundant flowers are simply gorgeous. Enchanting cup shaped blossoms in rich vivid hues [...]

Sensational Begonias

Begonias are ideal for containers and bloom continuously from summer to fall. Available in several forms: single or double, upright or cascading, rose form or fringed. Their blooms are large, measuring up to six inches (15 cm) across. Colours range from strong solid shades, soft glowing pastels or contrasting bicolours with picotee edging. Find the [...]

Grow A Garden Party!

Our Spring 2016 Fundraising Program is ongoing and groups can sign up to participate through the end of March.  Fundraising with Florissa is a great way to beautify your home and community while raising money for the great cause you support. This season grow your own garden party! New edibles include seed potatoes, rhubarb, and [...]

Jump Start Begonias

Begonias are ideal for containers and you can easily grow them from dormant tubers. Get a jump start and shop for tubers at your favorite local garden center now through February and March. You can have begonias blooming in time for Victoria Day! Large sized tubers have more growing points. Florissa’s begonia tubers are 6/cm [...]

Downton Abbey – Garden Rose Collection

Sunday evenings, avid fans are curling up with a proper cup of tea to watch Downton Abbey. Season six has been widely anticipated as the award-winning PBS television series draws to its finale. These unanswered questions remain: How will Downton survive changing social and economic times? Will Lady Mary fall in love with a suitor [...]

Dazzling Double Amaryllis

Beauty doesn’t have to be intimidating. Double amaryllis are easy to grow, so why not increase the loveliness and pleasure twofold? Check out these fabulous varieties. ‘Is it real? Can I touch it? Was it hard to grow? Where can I get these?’ This is what your friends will be asking upon seeing the exquisite […]

Santa’s Little Helpers

You’re busy making a list and checking it twice this holiday season, so when it comes to last minute décor, or gifts for anyone on your list, a little help is always nice. Santa’s Little Helpers are specially cultivated Amaryllis bulbs that bloom in 4 to 6 weeks from planting.  Plant them in potting soil […]

NEW Touch of Wax Amaryllis Kits

Everyone can enjoy the beauty of Amaryllis with a Touch of Wax. A colourful wax coating is applied by hand to specially selected Amaryllis bulbs. The wax seals the bulb up tight. The bulb inside has everything it needs (including moisture) to produce beautiful and elegant blooms this winter. Yes! That’s right, there is no […]

Easy Layer Containers With Florissa

Florissa’s fundraiser this season features bulbs that can be planted up in containers in layers. If you’ve never done this before, it’s super-easy. Here’s how-to step by step using our fundraiser varieties: First, select your container. Plastic pots won’t crack unlike terra cotta, and they offer some protection against cold wind. Pick one at least […]

Deer & Squirrel Resistant Bulbs – What’s New from Florissa

Deer can visit the garden any time of year, but they find the fresh tender shoots in early spring so tempting. Thankfully, Canadian gardeners have a great selection of spring flowering bulbs that deer naturally turn away from – especially Narcissus and Allium. These are two essentials in the deer resistant spring garden, and Florissa […]

Albino Berries: Pineapple Meet Strawberry!

Strawberry meet Pineapple! Albino Berries are a new white Strawberry that is sure to impress with its excellent flavor similar to a pineapple. They are a unique small berry, about the size of a nickel, which are a white to blush pink with bright red seeds. Perfect for any berry recipe! Although the Albino Berry […]

Florissa’s Garden Solutions

Are you looking for a variety of bulbs or perennials to plant this summer, but not sure where to start? Take the guess work out of the equation with the Florissa brand Garden Solutions collection. Each bag includes a great collection that work well together and will bring a strong theme to your garden. From […]

Fruit Smoothies with a Twist

With 2015 well on its way and New Years Resolutions still fresh in our minds, it’s a perfect time to think about new and healthy recipes to keep you going throughout the year. Smoothies are a healthy snack or breakfast for anyone and I’ve found* some great recipes that feature some of the less common […]

Adding a little Holiday Flair with Novelty Amaryllis

Last week I shared some of my favourite Red Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) as they are a great alternative to poinsettias and have a perfect holiday look to them! All Amaryllis are great holiday indoor flowering bulbs as they have a festive look and bloom for a long time. Now I want to share some of my […]

Red Amaryllis – The Perfect Holiday Flower!

If you’re bored with the typical Poinsettia plant for Christmas or even just looking for some variety, Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are a perfect option! They are available in many colours.  There are many that feature the classic red and green combination which is what draws many people to the classic Poinsettia as it just screams ‘Holiday […]

It’s that time again: planting flower bulbs

Bulbs have a little flower inside that won’t let you down next spring. Planting flower bulbs is just a matter of doing it – you don’t need a green thumb! And success is guaranteed. Anyone who plants them now can look forward to colour next spring. When to plant Bulbs can be planted as soon […]

Stretch the Season of Colour with Tulips

Tulips are well known as burst of variety and colour in the spring. They are easy to grow and provide beautiful focal points and borders in your garden as well as a stunning cut flower. Why not maximize the amount of tulips next spring by making sure to plant bulbs that will bloom in Early, […]

Colchicum & Fall-Flowering Crocus

Did you know you can enjoy the first signs of spring in the fall? Planting colchicum and fall flowering crocus will reward you with beautiful blooms in just weeks. Best of all, each year they return with even more blossoms and require almost no effort on your part at all. Colchicum Colchicum are cormous perennials […]

Showcase Flower Bulb: Trumpet daffodil!

The trumpet daffodil comes from a group of 11 other types of daffodils, such as the double and large-cupped daffodil. What makes the trumpet daffodil unlike other daffodil varieties is its clearly trumpet-like shape. One of the daffodil’s strong points is that this spring-flowering bulb can be left undisturbed in the soil and produce more […]

Lilies for your Wedding

Flowers are simply part and parcel of a beautiful joyous wedding day. But choosing just the right flowers from so many kinds can be a difficult decision. Have you ever considered lilies? The lily is a flower with a whole tradition of meanings. The symbolism surrounding the lily has sources all over the world. The […]

Florissa at Keukenhof

Keukenhof, in Holland, is the international and independent showcase of the Dutch flowering industry, with a special emphasis on flowering bulbs. There are as many as 500 growers presenting blooms! Running from late March to mid May, every year it is a spectacular showcase of some of the finest flowers and gardens in the world. […]

Reach for the Sky with Garden Giants!

Looking for a big impact in your garden? Garden giants are sure to bring some attention with heights of 4ft or more! They compliment well with the smaller flowers to add vertical dimension and interest to your gardening landscape. Garden giants are perfect for adding a living privacy screen or disguising an ugly fence. Plant […]

Summer Sunshine – Yellow Inspiration

Yellow is a great colour that radiates summer, sunshine and happiness! It’s a strong hue that compliments everything from white and purple flowers to neutral hostas and grasses. Tell me, have you ever seen a yellow flower and not thought of summer and sunshine? Fill your garden full of yellow with some of my favourite […]

Scent-Free Solutions

I recently discussed and shared some of my favourite fragrant flower suggestions which are an excellent addition to the garden for a little extra enjoyment for your senses. However, if you are sensitive to fragrant flowers or would not like something fragrant in your area of planting, I’ve composed a list of some of my […]

Deer Resistant Bulbs & Perennials

Let’s face it, you put a lot of work into your garden to get it to look its best so the last thing you want is some friendly neighbourhood deer chomping away on it. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite deer-resistant bulbs and perennials to help you out. Many of these will also deter […]

Stimulate your senses! Florissa’s fragrant flower suggestions

Looking for a double dose for your senses this summer? Plant flowers that are full of great colour and fragrance for a beautiful garden that you’ll be eager to stop and smell. There are plenty of choices for fragrant flowers, but I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites that you can be planting […]

Which way is up? Planting bulbs.

When it comes to planting bulbs, it is best to set them up for success. Planting the bulb the correct way will allow it to grow upwards and produce beautiful flowers. Bulbs are smart though, if you do plant them in the incorrect way, they will automatically force themselves to send their roots down and […]

Summer Bulbs are Back!

Garden centres are currently fully stocked with summer bulbs. So don’t wait to choose the bulbs that will add extra colour to your garden this summer! Summer bulbs are available in many kinds and sizes. Some are perfect for pots; others are just right for the border. Summer bulbs are known for their countless incredible colours. […]

Perennial Garden Spring Cleaning

I’m really excited that spring is back! It’s been great weather in some areas but if you haven’t made it out in the garden yet and looking to get started, it’s probably best to start cleaning up your perennial garden. As excited as you may be to get out and go crazy in the garden, […]

Bulbs in Pots – Enjoying colour in your garden all spring long!

Spring is upon us and that means flowers flower flowers! You’re not restricted to just planting in the ground though and bulbs in pots can be your answer. These days, all you need is a few square metres to turn your balcony, garden, terrace or roof garden into your own little paradise. Luxuriously filled containers […]

Dog Friendly Plants

With the vast variety of plants and flowers, it’s easy to get excited about enhancing our gardens, planting a new perennial or potting up a container of flower bulbs. If you have a special canine friend in your life, consider planting dog friendly. Our pets enjoy our yards and gardens as much as we do, [...]

Bulbs in pots – for the ultimate feeling of spring, indoors and out

Tired of winter and longing for spring? Is your living room, terrace or balcony ready for a breath of springtime? Create this new look in minutes – with spring bulbs in pots. Flowers, colour and sunlight brighten up everything you do. It’s time to bring that sunshine back into your life. Good-bye to winter, hello […]