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    Starlight~Starbright – Florissa’s Choice for Spring 2018

Welcome to Florissa


Florissa is a grower who supplies the highest quality horticultural products to garden shops including flower bulbs and perennial plants. Florissa delivers real value and the best service in the industry to her customers in Canada.

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What's New
Quicklink Kids
See what's new with Florissa and all the great products offered!
Florissa's Blog
Hot Tea with Notebook and Pen on Wooden Table
Florissa encourages and informs novice to seasoned gardeners on new varieties, trends & tips.
Quicklink Strawberries
Florissa's "Create a Rainbow of Colour" Fundraising Program is an excellent way to raise money for your organization, group or cause.
Growing Information
Pouring Potting
Looking for info on how to plant flower bulbs, perennials, fruits or vegetables? Learn about planting instructions and other useful tips.

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